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The story of Insane's logo

Logo Insane

Insane's logo is an entirely custom one. To thank for it, I have our web developer Jeremie, our official illustrator Tony, my friend Patrick and our community manager Natacha. You rock, guys!


Now this logo was designed with love in mind, obviously, rendered by the general form of a heart. But it strived to also represent a face -- an alien, uncommon face but one that any human being could still recognize and identify with.

That followed the same principle as the media's name Insane: when you first look at it, the otherness is what's most obvious (with the English word insane, you think of a crazy person -- and in the logo, you see an alien). But if you just take a second look, you'll see the human being instead (with the Arabic word insan, you think of a sensible person just like you -- and in the logo, you come to see a human face just like yours).


There is the unmistakable "I", for Insane.


And then there's the plaster-pill: the plaster is meant to show that Insane doesn't pretend to be a magical cure-all but rather a basic, human endeavor to alleviate some pain. And the pill is there to show that we also support people who decide to take psychiatric medication.


Now, when you see this heart and alien face and plaster-pill -- how do you like Insane's new logo?

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